Problem with Global Match text parser and extracting links from href


I have a problem with text parser, I try to remove the href links with regex, my code works but the problem is that text parser does not just replace the href it does not copy all the text. For example you can see that on image 1 and operation 1 the text is replaced and it still keeps the rest of the text, but in operation 2 it removes the href but it does not copy the rest of the text! I htink global match stop at the first value !

Could anyone help me?

What are you expecting in the output? Just the href element with the link replaced? Show exactly please your desired output.

Hello Alex,

I found the problem, it was my regex, the problem was that text replace stop at the first match, the global match did not work, i resolve my problem by changing the regex expression.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Awesome care to share your solution so we can all learn?

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Yes :slight_smile: With this : i change the regex text parser by this : <a\s+(?:[^>]?\s+)?href=(["'])(.?)\1>