Problem With Hidden Field Airtable ID

Hello, we have a particular problem with our automation system…

Last week, we added a new hidden field to connect our Make to our Airtable so that it can find our customer linked to each lead. This hidden field called “Airtable ID” is initially given to the lead via an initial automation sending the lead to Active Campaign. The problem was that all prospects took this label when our hidden “Airtable ID” field was in the “Item 9” position and, for the sake of clarity between all our tools, one of my colleagues wanted to put the Items in a certain order, moving the Airtable ID from “Item 9” to “Item 5”… Since then, this field is no longer mapped, and only 8 fields appear in the output of our Create or Update Contact module…

If you have any idea what’s going on…
Thank you


from what I understand, you get an Array where the 9th item was the AirtableID, and now this item is the 5th Item; am I correct?

Usually, it’s not a good practice to use indexes because of the issue you are facing now. The best is to use Make functions. especially the “map” function that allows you to extract data from an Array with a condition.

Can you please give us a screenshot of the data you get so that we can have a look at the structure of this array so that we can try and help you?

If I misunderstood your issue, sorry :grinning: . And in that case, can you be more explicit, with a few screenshots that illustrate your issue? Including the product you are sending this data to.