Problem with HTTP Request and Parse JSON Data?

Hey Guys,

Im facing a problem with Parsing JSON Data from a HTTP Request.

Please watch my 1 Minute Video where I show my Problem: My Loom Video with Problem

Looking forward to replys!

Hi Benjamin,

For this you may use an Iterator after your HTTP API Request, using the organic_results array as the Array option (the only option an Iterator has).
Then, run your scenario once so that the Iterator understands the structure of organic_results.
Then, in Google Sheets Add a Row, you will have the option to map fields from the Iterator to the Google Sheets headers.

This uses one Op for each row added, but if you also use an aggregator after the iterator, there may be a way to enter all the rows all at once, which uses in total only a few Ops regardless of how many rows there are too add, but that’s more complicated to set up.


Hello @Benjamin_S :wave:

did you manage to resolve your problems with @Donald_Mitchell’s suggestions?

If yes could you share with us your progress and mark his response as a solution so other users can use it while managing similar troubles?

Thanks a lot :hibiscus:

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