Problem with JSON and ADD LINE of Google Sheet

Hi ALL !,

I have a problem with JSON and ADD LINE of Google Sheet, the bundles do not work:

Here is my json:
“Order”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Delivery”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Forwarder”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Tracking ID”: “xxxxxxxx”
“Order”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Delivery”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Forwarder”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“Tracking ID”: “xxxxxxxx”

But Google Sheet only adds one line, it only takes the first bundle, do you know anything about that please?

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It seems that you have used the “Run this module only” feature on the module.


Well, that’s what it does — running only that module. No further modules will be activated.

If you would like the “Add a Row” module to run as well, you should:

  • disconnect the route before the “Parse JSON” module, and
  • set the trigger module to the “Parse JSON” module, and
  • run the FULL scenario from the “Parse JSON” module
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Hello @samliew , thank you very much for your response,
In fact, when I run the script as a whole, it does not iterate over all the PARSE JSON bundles, only a single line from the first bundle is added to my Google sheet.

The single launch was to test

Here screen for all execution :

This is due to the error in the later module.

Handle errors so scenarios don’t stop.

You might want to add some error handling to your modules to handle exceptions, so the failing module(s) can automatically be retried or ignored. By handling any errors by adding a “Error handler” to the module, the scenario won’t throw an error and get turned off.

Error directives can only be added to an error handler route.

1. Right click and select “Add error handler”


2. Error handlers will appear

For more information on error handling, see:


Thank you so much … :slight_smile: