Problem with telegram module (Send as a media group) in make


One of my scenarios retrieves attachments that I send to my Telegram bot from other channels I follow. Everything goes to Airtable, and the next scenario, which I’m currently having trouble with, should send these attachments (photos, videos) together with the content in a single message.


My goal is to set up a Telegram bot in such a way that it sends attachments that have been previously downloaded and are stored on Airtable (photos and videos), all within a single message instead of separate ones.


I don’t know how to properly map and send attachments as a media group in the Telegram module. I keep sending multiple messages with different attachments one after another, but I want it to be a single message. I’m having trouble using the map() function, so maybe that’s the issue. I would greatly appreciate your help. Below is a Loom video with couple of screenshots.


First scenario:

Second scenario:





I also have same problem, if you find solution do tell

can you please help me, how do i get multiple files from telegram bot

Filter? Are you referring to filters between bundles on Make?

If so, this scenario is responsible for recognizing whether a photo, video, document, or plain text has been sent.

Description o filters for each line
For just text:

For text on file:

For photo:

For video:

For document:

If I understood the question correctly, this should help. :slight_smile:

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thank you, but how do you get multiple files at once from another channel and update it in airtable/ google sheet records.

I am only able to get one file at a time , even if i send my files as group.

Only the first photo is getting captured