Problem with webhook, in Telegram module "reply markup"

Hello, everyone! I have a problem with a webhook. I can’t put the data I receive from another module into it, I keep getting an error - [400] Bad Request: BUTTON_DATA_INVALID

I checked the link several times, but everything is fine, the make just refuses to run the script. Here’s the data that goes into it:

If you copy this link and manually enter the id paste in the browser, then the data is transferred to the webhook, everything works as it should.

It also works if I use it not as a button, but as a hyperlink via Telegram, then everything also works, namely when I enter the data in Reply Markup, only the webhook link works without arguments that follow the “?” If I add, for example, “id=12345”, then nothing is sent, the script does not run

Maybe it’s bug?

Will be grateful for help, thanks

Reply Markup size is 1-64 bytes, it’s approximately 50 symbols

Hey @Sviatoslav_M :wave:

Awesome work figuring this out on your own! And thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and sharing your solution with us, we truly appreciate that :pray:

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