Production vs. Development

I am planning to put our application into “public beta” to our users. I will provide them with the link provided in make.

I am wondering how I can handle development and production. The production app should connect to our application, while in development I will use different ngrok urls for each developer.

How do you manage this?



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Not sure if this is a solution, but one could develop two apps, one connecting to ngrok, one connecting to prod environment.

Seems a little cumbersome if you need to do continuous delivery of new features.

Can’t find any best practices.

Ok, this is how I am test driving it now with my beta testers. Connection is now configured this way:

“url”: “https://{{ifempty(parameters.myEnv,‘’)}}/connection”

the parameter is:

“name”: “myEnv”,
“type”: “text”,
“label”: “Server”,
“required”: false,
“advanced”: true

It is not nice to expose this option to my users, any suggestions for a better solution are welcome.

I would just have two different connections. One for development and another for production.
The way I did it with one of my apps was as follows:

Under the communication tab

Notice the enviroment parameter (yeah I know its mispelled, too late to fix now), that is pulled from a static parameter like so:

Basically each connection has a static parameter that sets a different endpoint so you could completely seperate the two.

Oh great!

hidden and default is what k was looking for.