Provide valid app ID Error

I have an error on all my scenarios that use Facebook Lead Ads in trigger (however, I checked my Facebook connection and everything is OK).

The error has been occurring since this morning.
Here it is: “(#200) Provide valid app ID (200, OAuthException)”

In addition, I can’t contact support (I can’t send the form).

Thanks for your help!


Exactly the same here… Facebook Leads Ads, nothing changed from my side.
My Facebook password is correct, also made now “Reauthorize” and “Verify” on my connections.
and got the same error-
(#200) Provide valid app ID (200, OAuthException)
it was working 4 hours ago and fell 30 minutes ago.


Hello we are seeing the same error.

The last time we saw this a few months ago now, it was a integration issue with the Facebook APIs.

I don’t think Facebook has a good mechanism of broadcasting changes either so that doesn’t help.

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Hello @FitnessBoost @Shl welcome to the community and thanks a lot for raising this here.

I just wanted to let you know that this is a known issue and that our dev team is working towards fixing this as soon as they can.

I will keep an eye on this and make sure to let you know in this thread as soon as I learn any updates.

I’m really sorry for the trouble caused. Thank you very much for bearing with us :pray:


I have the same issue. All FB leads ads scenarios are failing. Not getting leads into system. Does anyone have a solution/workaround?

I am getting the same issue. Any status update?

Same issue here! Please fix this ASAP, none of my clients are receiving their leads by email because of this.

Hello everybody @here

I just wanted to assure you that the team is working on deploying the fix. As I mentioned above, I will post an update here the minute I learn something new about the issue.

If you, however, prefer to receive an automatic notification in your inbox when the fix is released, please open a ticket with our support team.

Once again, I am very sorry for the trouble and frustration this has been causing you. Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

I am also having the same problem in my scenarios

Once this is resolved, will any leads that were generated be able to be retrieved or are they gone from Make’s system permanently?

And when can we expect this to be resolved. Business is severely impacted, I’m going to start losing clients - how the hell could you let something like this happen in production?


On my side, it seems that webhooks are still working and piling up the leads in queue.


On my account: all Facebook Leads Scenarios continues with error: (#200) Provide valid app ID (200, OAuthException)

Hi Michaela. Any news about it please? Thanx

Oh my god, 6 hours with problem…


This issue is still persisting 8 hours later. Why is it taking so long? That’s one of the most important module. Please fix this ASAP!


Im losing a lot of bussines for a misstake i cant control… PLEASE FIX IT


I’ve found the problem on the Make Crashes Status: Link :arrow_heading_down:

Any updates @Michaela - do you have an ETA? This issue has really screwed up our business, the least we expect is to get some regular updates - is there a workaround or something that we can use in the meantime?

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I hope you can fix it quickly: everything is blocked here :slight_smile: