Pull order information from Amazon Seller Central into Make: buyer name, address info missing

Thanks Michaela,

However, I may have got excited too soon… I think I just discovered an issue. I am trying to pull order information into make so that I can push it elsewhere, however, the results are missing key details such as buyer name, address info.

This essentially renders the integration useless as we are not able to act on any of the order data. A quick search online (Missing customer name and address data in SP API response | AWS re:Post) reveals that it seems make.com is missing some key permissions in the oauth setup, primarily “Tax Invoicing”.

If you look on this page of amazon seller central documention (Roles in the Selling Partner API) you will see that “Tax Invoicing” is required to get address info.

** The getOrderAddress operation of the Selling Partner API for Orders, which returns the shipping address for an order.*

As you will see in the attached screenshot, the make oauth does not include this permission.

Can you push this internally to get this permission updated?

Or… I am completely missing something?

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Hello again @ChrisHT thank you very much for bringing up what you discovered here in the community :pray:

To access this info from Amazon Seller Central, we’d require a PIL, which we don’t have at the moment. While we might request it down the line, I’m sorry to say there’s no ETA on that just yet.

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Hey Michaela,

Thanks for looking into this and confirming my initial suspicion.

I suspect that I speak for a large number of other “Makers” in saying that without the “Tax Invoicing” permissions the integration in its current state will have very limited use and in cases where users need order info the integration will not provide the info to build a solution.

If/When adds the additional functionality, please make sure you let the community know.


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Hi Chris :wave:

I understand your disappointment and I can assure you that once there are any updates on this topic, I’ll make sure to pass them on to the community.

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I agree, this is information is completely necessary for this integration to be useful for any sort of fulfillment related integration. It doesn’t do much good to pull orders into our order management solution if we can’t get the information needed to process them and ship them out.