Pulling data from one completed scenario to populate an active one


I have this scenario that gathers HubSpot data for a proposal in Pandadoc. There is a message in the proposal I am temporarily pulling from a Google sheet. Instead I want to send a template message to a Slack channel, wait for the person to reply to the slack message, parse the data and insert it into the Pandadoc module before sending.

I’m thinking I should split the scenario to collect the data and send the template to Slack. Then, when the person responds with the modified template send the Pandadoc.

My question is how can I pull the data form the first scenario from the second one? Keep in mind the person may not send back the message right away. Any thoughts?

Hi. Maybe your best option is store the metadada and contacts in the a datastore. This way you can wait for the response in a different scenario. So instead to send the data to the second scenario, you send this data to datastore and wait for the person response.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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