Quickbooks estimate line items missing

Hello community members,

I’m trying to create a scenario which creates an estimate in quickbooks.
I get a JSON payload with several items through a webhook.
I have setup an iterator and array aggregator.
All the info including quantity, item price, description and amount seem to be reaching the Quickbooks module fine, but it only outputs the descriptions.

Find blueprint and screenshot below.

How can i get the other variables to also output in the estimate?

blueprint (1).json (152.3 KB)

You can try using this module to get the full estimate after you have created it.



Hi Samliew,

the estimate I get looks like this.

I’d really like it if the information of pricing, quantity, tax and amount and total would be included on it.

This is the JSON payload from the webhook

Let me know if you need more information and thanks for reaching out.

I don’t use Quickbooks and don’t have an account to test it out on.

Could you take a screenshot of your “Create an Estimate” module to see how it’s set up?

Perhaps you are not correctly mapping the details of the line items from the webhook data.


I struggled with how to map it, initially it would make different estimates per line item which was not ideal.
Then I found a template and used the same mapping I saw there.

This is how I mapped the aggregator

It looks like you’re mapping the line fields correctly in your Array Aggregator, so that’s good.

Maybe the issue is on quickbooks end, and the fields aren’t populated into the estimate?


I tend to agree with you. But don’t know how to fix this problem.
Let me know if anything comes to mind.
Thank you