Randomize Schedule timing for "HTTP GET" Module

I am looking to completely randomize the schedule timing for a module that is checking whether something is active or not through Messagebird ,and then sending a notification.

It would need to be completely at random.

You’ll need to create some sort of special logic in your scenario that evaluates when to continue to run the scenario on a random basis.

One idea is to create a scenario that runs every minute, and have a randomizer function create a value that you evaluate in a path between modules to see whether to continue the rest of the scenario or not. You’ll be using at least one operation at the start but at least you can make it run on a random time basis as a result.

Hi @alex.newpath
Make.com has API to update your scenario scheduling. You can run another scenario that runs every X hours/minutes, generates a random number, and makes API call to change this/primary scenario’s scheduling with the random interval. Read the API here: https://www.make.com/en/api-documentation/scenarios-scenarioId-patch#scenarios-scenarioId-patch

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