Reddit - Submit a post module is not working

Hi, I have tried to use the Reddit - Submit a post module to make a post in a subreddit I’m a member of, but every time I try to post, I get this error :

  • [500] Internal Server Error

Here’s how I set up my scenario :

Any ideas of what’s wrong?
Thanks for the help !

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I’m having the same issue. Any luck with this?

@automation4marketers Seems like the Reddit module is very much out of date. Please create a support ticket:

Hello @automation4marketers @Rezl :wave:

I just wanted to say that we are currently not aware of any [500] Internal Server Error issues with the reddit app on our end.

Just like @Bjorn.drivn is saying, it’s best if you log a ticket with us because the support team can then investigate the logs and see where the issue is coming from.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve submitted a ticket.

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I have submitted a ticket as well. @Rezl did the support team manage to fix the issue on your end ?