REGEX to extract phone number from Text

Hi Makers,

I’m trying to extract a phone number from a text.

I tried multiple Regular Expressions but it does not match any pattern.

Here is one of the Regex I used : /+?\d{1,4}?[-.\s]?(?\d{1,3}?)?[-.\s]?\d{1,4}[-.\s]?\d{1,4}[-.\s]?\d{1,9}/g

I want to retrieve this kind of phone number from a text :

0484 48 76 94

Is there anyone who could help me please ?

Thanks !

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Try this.

Lots of great resources to help you there.


Thanks I will a look.

I found this regular expression on regex101: Regex for telephone numbers all over the world

I did some test on their website and the expression seems to work out (see screenshot). When I copy/past it into the text parser, it does not find anything. How come ?

Thanks for your help.

You don’t need the leading and trailing / characters.

Also you need at least one capture group. () will do it around your whole pattern.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for you help.

I’m not sure I understood what you said (sorry I’m a non-tech guy :stuck_out_tongue: )

How should I write it in the text parser module ?

I tried this :


But it doesn’t work.




Also work it in first

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I’ve tested the pattern above and updated it:


The + and () needs to be escaped.