Separating (+) from a Phone Number

Hello, I’m giving an example. A phone number starts with +90. How can I get this data in 2 separate ways. + and 90 will be separate.

I Need to Separate + from Phone Number

There are lots of ways to do this using string manipulation but probably the best is using a text parser and regular expression parser especially since there are many conditions such as

  • does the + and the code have a space or are next to each other
  • is the code next to other data or is there a space
  • what are the valid codes or are you validating on a number of any length.

If we assume a properly formatted international phone number this regex will work. The first two capture groups will extract the + and code and the last capture group will extract the phone number


More details on REGEx101.


Thanks, Alex. It worked.


Um outro formato que descobri também de fazer que acredito que possa também ajudar!

{{replace(2.mappable_answers.Teléfono; “+”; tab)}}

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