Remove duplicated rows from google sheet

This is my flow:

Get the data > Add it to Google sheet

It get two types of data in one row. Website & Keyword

Now sometimes it’s the same time.

And I don’t want that to be there in Google sheet.

How can I make a filter or create a new module, that will delete rows if column A has same data.

Below is the image, I have 3 same website links, I want to remove 2 of them and just have the first one.

Hi @itsmeayyub ,

It is certainly best not to introduce duplicates.
Please, add the blueprint (and a screenshot) of your scenario,


This is the screenshot

This is the blueprint blueprint.json (47.0 KB)

Now you have to find when duplicates are created: for that check all the output bundles.


Duplicates are in 3 to 5

Not Where, but When: at which step if you prefer.


After text parser, I would like to have it

It is a strange requirement, it consumes operations and it is hard to understand (for me, at least).

Could you try this one:
blueprint(9).json (43.8 KB)
and add a screenshot of the output bundle of the Iterator module?


Here you go: @Philippe_Billet

Hi @itsmeayyub ,

It seems that you have duplicates because you have different URLs with one unique domain name.
There is certainly something very interesting here.



Thanks for all the help @Philippe_Billet

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