Remove items from array

Hi there
So when I send a query, I get back a link within an array as such:

value: [“”]

Then it gives me the array value of:

  • array_value: uploads/4403bfa7-5abe-421a-a738-7f916e5549fc/Descriptiveart-flash-02.jpg

But that is only part of my array

I want to be able to get JUST the link out (

Any help on removing? I tried an iterator but got nothing :confused:

Hi @Jason_Blignaut,

Can you please share how your output of the HTTP module looks like?

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Hi @Runcorn

It is only a link. It is a query to pipefy to get an attachment which returns back a link within the array

Please do correct me if I am not understanding this correctly, So you want to grab,


From this,

If this is the case, then what you want to do is,

  1. Replace the with emptystring, assuming that it will always be constant
  2. Split the Resultant String and grab the first element

You can use the following formula to do this,

{{first(split(replace(2.mainURL; “”; emptystring); “?”))}}

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Hey @Runcorn

no, what I am wanting to grab is that entire link itself:

It is currently nested within an array. It is represented as [“link here”]. So it sits within the square brackets and the semi colons. I need it out of there. But every time I pull its array value, it keeps giving me “uploads/4403bfa7-5abe-421a-a738-7f916e5549fc/Descriptiveart-flash-02.jpg”. I do not want that. I want the full url. just without the square brackets and semi colons

So this is what I am currently getting. But I want that entire link, not just the one section

Hi @Jason_Blignaut

That appears to be a plain string, so a regex can work.

Since it’s a URL, we can assume that we can replace all occurrences of ", [ and ] since any occurrences within the string would normally have been encoded.

Try this approach: replace via regex all occurrences of these three characters.
{{replace(2.originalLink; "/[\[""\]]/g"; emptystring)}}

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It looks very much like an array, but it’s not an array on Make side. On make side it appears to have arrived as a simple String

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Hey @Loopz

Thanks for all that. I tried your method and it was still not working strangely so what I did rather was use the Open AI module to just remove those values and it returned successfully :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jason_Blignaut

If you have time, can you still try this?

Instead of performing this replacement:
{{replace(2.originalLink; "/[\[""\]]/g"; emptystring)}}

Do this replacement:
{{replace(2.originalLink; "/[\[“\]]/g"; emptystring)}}

The reason is that the double quote in your example is slightly different than a regular double quote ", at least what you pasted in your original post