Replacing Data within a JSON (set In)

Im trying to find a solution to updating a key within a JSON. Ill explain my end goal for the flow:

  1. Webhook from Pipedrive Updated Deal
  2. Search our internal DB which returns a JSON
  3. Update ‘deal’ a json key located at
  4. Upload new JSON back to our internal DB

The part Im stuck on is getting the JSON put back together. If there was a setIn function like for javascript variables, this would be trivial. I think part of the trouble Im having could be that Im not working with flat arrays, nor is this an option for returning the data to the DB.

Any suggestions would be so much appreciated!

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Thanks for the suggestion, but this I feel like I’ve asked a fairly high level question here. If you had some insight, that would be greatly appreciated

You’ll have to provide some examples for us to help you further. What do you mean by JSON put back together?

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Ive gone through each of the array functions. I have used lodash omit(), to remove the ‘deal’ key, but now I have no idea how to insert / replace the ‘deal’ with the new data.

So the equivalent method in javascript that I would like to use Make for would be similar to this syntax. The line of code with the setIn function, is where im hung up in make. This is what Im referring to putting it back together with new data

High level JS to describe exactly what would do the trick for me.

var updatedDeal = // incoming webhook from pipedrive
var myData = // my results, based on webhook data lookup

jsonData.setValue(myData) // set the variable state

jsonData.setIn([‘pipedrive’, ‘deal’], updatedDeal) // update the json w/ new pipedrive deal

updateMyInternalDB.trigger(jsonData) // send updated json Data back to my DB