Retrieve nearest hospital address from a city name

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From a Tally form I obtain a city name.
From that city name, i wish to use Make to calculate which hospital would be the nearest and display its address.

I have an issue using the Google APIs, could someone walk me through the steps to exploit this city name and obtain the nearest hospital address ?

Thank you !

Hi @Anne_Colin-seguin ,

Could you, please, add:

  • the screenshot and the blueprint of your scenario
  • the screenshots of:
    → the output bundle of the module before the module having trouble
    → the input data mapping of the module having trouble
    → the detailed information of the trouble.

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Have you set up a connection following this help center article to “Get Google Maps API Key” and then “Establish a connection between Google Maps and Make”?

Using this page for your Google Cloud project (, you need to enable the following

  1. You need to enable the following APIs to make all of the Google Maps modules work:

    • Geocoding API
    • Maps Elevation API
    • Time Zone API
    • Directions API
    • Distance Matrix API
    • Map Static API
    • Places API

    Note: To enable these APIs, your account must have billing enabled. You can enable billing at


How do you define “nearest”? If a city has 3 hospitals within its boundaries, which one would you define as “the nearest”? Nearest to your home, which has a specific coordinate, or nearest to the center of the city?


You’ll likely just need three Google Maps modules for this:

  • Get a Locationto get city center coordinates
  • Search For Placesto search for “Hospitals” closest to the city center
  • Search For Placesto get the full hospital address using the hospital name

1. Get city center coordinates


2. Search for “Hospitals”


3. Get the full hospital address


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