Retrieve Sender of a Facebook Message


I setup a Scenario where I receive for my Business Page a Message and let a Chatbot generate a Response. I keep a Copy of the Dialog and as part of it I retrieve the First and Last Name of the Sender. All is working, when I send a Message from my Personal Account to the Business Page.

But when someone else send a Message to the Business Page, the Facebook Scenario failed to retrieve the Name of the Sender:

and here is the Error:

I Give the Webhoop in access to:

messenges, message_read , name, email, general_info, members, messaging_customer_information, personal_info.

Also I reauthorize the API Access.

The Problem persist and I did not find out what cause it. Any ideas?


Hello @Frank_Simon,

It looks like you’re only retrieving First Name and Last Name, but not Name.
Is it possible you’re trying to get a First Name and Last Name from someone that doesn’t have either of those set and maybe they only have a “Name”, but you’re not retrieving Name?

Or, for the API access, does “Name” include First Name and Last Name or are those two fields part of different scopes?