Retrieving Data from a webhook

Hey guys, I seem to be missing some data from a webhook, I can see it there but cannot map it, do you know why?

I can basically see the value is coming into the scenario but I have no way to map it in the corresponding module.

Hello @Carlos_Adell,
If you see that API Number in one run, but not another, I would say whatever service is calling the Webhook just isn’t sending that specific piece of data.

I also wonder if there’s just too much data and it is sending it, but getting truncated.


Hey thanks for the response! No, the API is in all the runs, I can see it, what I don’t see is the possibility of mapping it in the following modules.

This is data that comes by default from this GHL survey, how can I reduce the data that is picked by the webhook?

Looks like Agency API Number is nested under Mastermind Agreement, so maybe you can try to use something like this in your “Get Custom Values” module:

{{197.Mastermind Agreement[1].Agency API Number}}


Oh man, so funny! Now while I was trying your solution it all of a sudden appeared there and I could map it! Let me try and see if this works now :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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