Router execution logic like a CASE STATEMENT

Hi, is there a way to have router execute the links sequentially and upon the first filter being valid it stops the other routes in the sequence?

So if there are four route links and the first doesn’t execute, it goes to the second, if the second executes based on the filter, then it skips the remainder.

@Sean.N You could use variables for that.

  • A Set variables module behind every route, which sets some like “run” on true
  • A Get variables module in the front of every route, which checks the “run” and will only continue if this is not true

Or the more operations efficient way, to use an error behind every route which errors out the scenario (if possible in your scenario). This basically deliberatelly produces an error which stops the whole scenario

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i did something like this with a repeater module. I had 6 branches and the filtered for the “i” value AND a variable run= true. It worked well but possibly not very efficient

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Yes, you can achieve this by defining your filters correctly in your router. If you want the first route link to be executed when a certain condition is true, and the second route link to be executed when that condition is false, then that should be reflected in the filters you set up. Can you provide more information on what you have tried so far and are you currently experiencing any issues?

Glenn - Callinetic