Run more than one module at a time

I’m relatively new to Make but have built a few complex scenarios already…

My question - is it possible to run more than 1 module at a time without running the whole scenario? Sometimes I just want to see if a filter will have the desired effect or the router will work as intended without running the entire scenario.

I wish I could select a few connected modules and say “just run these modules” like I can with a single module. Maybe I’m missing something?


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Hi Sean,

There is not a way to run multiple specific modules. If you’re looking to test a filter, you could unlink all modules that follow the filter, or branch your scenario into multiple routes, and only enable the routes you want to test.

One trick I’ve used to test filters / IML functions is to copy the output data from the trigger module, and use postman to send that data to a web hook. Then, you can test your filters and functions in a separate scenario to ensure they work as expected.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the quick response! That’s the approach I’ve take, I created a test scenario with just the modules/filters I want to test. Just making sure there wasn’t a faster/better way. Thanks!