Run Scenario Again If Route 02 Path Is Used?

I have a scenario that makes a request (HTTP: Make a Request) to the Withings API using an access_token which has an organization variable as the value. When the HTTP: Make a Request returns “The access token provided is invalid”, it will then go down the “Token : Invalid” (Route 02) path to refresh the token, which will return a new access_token that is then set as the new value of the organization variable which is now what the original access_token will now use for Route 01.

All this is working fine, I am just trying to figure out once the end of Route 02 is reached, how can I rerun the scenario so the scenario can run through the “Token : Valid” (Route 01) path with the new token?

Hello @nyc,

So I think what you might be able to try is replace the router with an error route.
If the first HTTP Make a Request returns a 4xx or 5xx response code when it’s an invalid token error, then you can right click the HTTP Make a Request and select “Add error handler” then select Resume.
In the HTTP Make a Request settings, enable advanced settings and at the top set this option to Yes

Here is what the new scenario would look like.

The HTTP module just before Resume (#14 in this example) is basically a copy of the original, except it would use the newly-created token. In the Resume module, this will let you basically continue the scenario back at the original HTTP module (#9), except you get to substitute in data from the output bundles in #14.

I hope this helps and hope it makes sense!


Thx for the reply!

I tried something like this initially but the reason I switched is because I don’t have much experience with error handling… when the token is invalid it reports like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 16.40.22
Will this still work if Status code says 200?

Ah bummer!

Well, the Make app has a “Run a Scenario” module. Will that work in your situation then?

Or, on the second route of your original scenario, duplicate modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and place them after #18?


What would @samliew do here?


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I’m not quite sure the reason for setting the token variable as the trigger module. Shouldn’t it already be set, or set later down the scenario?

@Donald_Mitchell Instead of the error handler splitting out of module [9] in your screenshot, you can add a module after that to throw the error using the Parse JSON module described here Throw Help Docs | Integromat Help Center.

I like it. Then we can put another HTTP request after refresh_token, but don’t parse the JSON, then pass the raw JSON into a Resume module?


to be honest I’m not sure sure of how this would be best to setup… I’m pretty new to dealing with APIs so I’m learning a lot as I go along. The Withings API is the first 1 I’ve come across where the access_token expires pretty quickly and then needs a request_token to get another access_token so I set it up based on first having a working access_token and then if it doesnt work to request a new one. How would you suggest to set something like this up?

The “Run a Scenario” module works for my needs! Had no idea that was even an option.

Thanks for the help!