Run Scenario from a specific point without restarting everything

I’m testing the functionalities of, and as a regular user (not exactly a developer) I’m having a hard time trying to figure how to run a scenario for testing purpose, starting from another module rather than the trigger.

I’ve already run the complete scenario and I already have data flowing through, I just want to find a way to test the latest additions to my scenario without having to re-run all modules (using the bundles/info that’s already on the initial modules.

right now I have a bunch of OpenAi modules, and as you might guess, it takes a real long time to re-run each and every one of them.

One workaround is you can download the output bundle JSON of the previous module, then “Unlink” the path after, then before the next module, insert a temporary “Parse JSON” module and put the output bundle JSON for the previous module.

I know of the resuming/“resolving” incomplete executions, but that doesn’t allow for changes to the scenario before resuming, as it behaves more like a “retry” of the module where it failed.