Salesforce Download Document

I have a scenario that archives Salesforce Files to Sharepoint. I’ve been able to build an array of ContentDocumentIds to Download (these correspond to Salesforce Files). When I try to download a file I’m getting an error “The operation failed with an error. [404] The requested resource does not exist”

I’ve attached 2 screenshots. One shows the error and config of the download module plus you can see the ContentDocumentId I’m trying to get AND then another screenshot showing that ContentDocumentId on the SF side working just fine.

Any ideas? I tried switching between Attachment and Document - neither work.


As a follow-up to this issue, I was able to get this to work using the Make An API Call function within the Salesforce module. So the downside is that Make doesn’t support File downloads but using the Make an API Call you get do an easy work around. See example below:


Good solution @cah23 ! Thanks for posting it on here as well.
Might be that the Make module is expecting something else than you wanted.

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Very interesting and THANK YOU for sharing.

I’m dealing with a similar problem and had hoped that this would solve it for me, but unfortunately, that API call simply returns a larger payload of information about the file (with download links that I can’t seem to get to work) rather than the file itself.

Is it possible I’m missing a step somewhere?