Satble Diffusion into Wordpress eatured Image


I have made an Post request via HTTP to Stable Diffusion and getting the image back. It is via an Link.png File. This Works. But now i have the Problem how to upload it to my Wordpress Site s an featured Image.

Uploading via Link seems not to work. I hae tried Plugin´s to upload featured images via direct Like but i get an error from make that the program is expecting a ID.

Does anyone have a suggestion how i could make it work?

I could upload through this custom field… but i dont see where i can select it.


Hi there,

I can see the “create a media item” requires data and file name as shown below. are you getting the image URL from HTTP/make a request module ?
If so, you may need to use the “HTTP/get a file” module to get the data and file name of image first.