Save uploaded Data on local NAS

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Is it possible to save uploaded Data to a local NAS? I now that I can do that with Cloud Storage like Google Drive but found nothing about the possibility of using a local NAS like a Synology.

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Make cannot save anything locally directly, but you can use some workarounds.

For Synology, you can link it to a Cloud storage service then use Make to drop files in that cloud storage service. Then, that other service will take care of copying the file to your NAS.

I am not familiar enough with Synology specifically, but if there was a publicly-accessible API that allows you to manage files, then Make can likely use it.

You may be able to use Synology File Station API for this, but it looks like you’ll be required to forward ports to your NAS so that it can accept incoming requests.


You can set up your NAS as an FTP server

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This is a good idea, but you will have to expose your NAS directly onto the internet, and set up port forwarding, etc. on your router so that Make can directly connect to it.

You might also want to consider SFTP if you are handling sensitive data.

Just be aware of the security risks involved.

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