Scenario Import Fail

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This error pops up when trying to import a blueprint:

I have not gotten a reply from Make support, so I’m asking for help from the community. The import cannot be saved, apparently this is a not documented “feature”, not a bug.

Any and all help for a new user is appreciated!

Can you try adding the Firestore connection again and see if that fixes the issue for you?

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Hi @SDOne
Once you import any blueprint, you need to add the connections or select the connections in the module to solve this issue.

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Either there is a problem with your blueprint(Upload here if you want) or you need to refresh your Firestore connection one more time please!
Best regards

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Hi, thanks, yes, that’s a possibility that I considered. I haven’t gotten an answer from the coder who built the blueprint, so that drove my question to the community.
You left no link to test it, please add it or dm me with it.

Hi, thanks for your response.

“Can you try adding the Firestore connection again…” I don’t understand your suggestion, please explain.

After the Blueprint is imported, Go to the Firebase module and then add a new connection to Firebase.

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The entire scenario is connected. And, an issue with firebase auth is another “not replied to” ticket I sent to Make support.