Scenario input does not work right with collections

I’m working on a scenario which I plan to run “on demand” from other scenarios (I “call” this particular combination almost a dozen times among several other scenarios).

The exact make up (no pun intended) of the modules doesn’t really matter for my question, but I created some scenario input data with default data given, and rather than have a long list of variables cluttering the list, I had some related data that I made into a collection (EmailContent as the collection name with text data elements EmailSubject and EmailMainHTMLBody, for example) which is an option available in the provided data types.

Unfortunately, the scenario variables don’t play right with collection data when trying to access the elements. I can insert basic data types fine and insert the whole collection, but I can’t access the elements of a collection (using the { } data tab in the data window that pops up).

I even tried to get around it by manually entering the variables as {{var.someCollectionName.someElementName}}, but the module would delete the data variable when I saved the module (clicked OK on the module setup).

Is this a bug, or am I missing something obvious on how to access scenario data?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Peter,
I have a feeling this post may be a bit too difficult to understand for most.
If possible, could you replicate the problem using some test data then post the blueprint for others to review? I feel like that might help you get some more responses here.

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Hey @PeterR I had the same problem.

To access keys of a collection you can use a function called “pick”:

As you can see in the screen shot. I used the pick function to get the key of the collection cl that was given as an input for the scenarion.

I hope this helps…