Scenario: New Google Sheet row -> Twilio SMS. Not working. Help?

I’m setting up a scenario that triggers a Twilio SMS to be sent to a specific phone number (mine) whenever a row is added to a Google Sheet.

The Google Sheets side of things appears to be set up correctly.

I set up the Twilio module and the phone number to send the SMS, and entered my number to receive the text.

In the Message Body field, I entered it like this:

Those green bits are mapped from the Google Sheet. When I clicked “Run Once”, it gave me this error:

Any idea what the issue could be?

Hello @adsbysteve and welcome to the the Make Community!

To start, you can try removing bits from the Message Body box until it works, then you’ll know what part it doesn’t like.
Do you have a screenshot of the input bundle for the Twilio module? That should tell you what Message body resolved to after evaluating all those variables.
Also, if you can show what the Google Sheets output looks like that would help too.
Please be sure you’re using test data!


Where do I find the “input bundle” for the Twilio module? Same for the Google Sheets output – not sure where I’d find that. Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry! Found the Google Sheets output (below). Can’t find the Twilio input.

I didn’t notice you had Map enabled on that field. You may want to turn that off and try this again!

Edit/add: After turning off Map, select Create a body.
Below that, you can enter the body of the text.

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