Scenario not creating Google Calendar events from data on Google Sheet

Create Google Calendar events from data on your Google Sheet

I followed the guided set up for this, ( but my scenario is not pulling new events from the sheet onto the calendar. It looks like Make is saying there aren’t issues but we aren’t getting any events appearing in the calendar. Will insert screenshot of scenario.

I’ve tried playing around with it and spent the whole of yesterday morning trying to fix the issue. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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Hi there, what did you choose in “when to start option” ?

I don’t remember what I chose, but I think I selected All


you can check by right click on the 1st module as this is a common issues if you choose not all

It says specific ID, but then does not specify one.

Most of the time, you’ll want to “Choose manually” - this will show you the list of recent events sorted by new.



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If I would like to receive all previous(from beginning of time) new columns/ events in the calendar, which option do I choose?

Thanks, I’ve changed some settings to match yours. A new row has been entered on the google sheet but no google calendar event has been created.