Scenario not updating on 2nd form submission which should update a row but does on 3rd. What can I fix?

I am so close to having this scenario run properly but for some reason my ‘search rows’ module is not outputting the second time the form updates.

I have a form that my team fills out with a unique identifier that I am using in my ‘search rows’ module. The first time they submit the form this is performing correctly as it is adding a row. If the form needs to be updated the module is creating a second row but with the updated information. The unique identifier has not changed at this point. Any times that the form is updated after this, it will update the correct items instead of adding a line. I am trying to stop ANY duplicate rows from being created with the same unique identifier.

I have tried changing the filter settings or adding additional rules and am still getting the same result.

I have attached the 3 scenario runs showing the input/output as well as the filters that are set up for adding and updating a row which come after my router. Thank you!

Can you please provide a screenshot of the Search sheets module configuration?

Here is the Search sheet module. thank you!