Scenario: Watch Changes in Google Sheets

  • I want my Google Form Sheet data to go to MailerLite through the efficient Watch Changes trigger
  • I’ve followed the instructions here and part of them aren’t correct for a Google Form Sheet (#10 is incorrect, there is no “Script editor” option in Tools). I was able to get in touch with a support representative to get the correction (choose “App Scripts”), but then the final step on that page is still incomplete. #15 says " 1. In Make, verify that the scenario has successfully executed." but gives no instructions to verify the scenario executed, or how to map the fields.

I pushed the “Run!” button in the Google Forms Sheet, and went back to Make and pushed the “Run Once” button, and it was stuck on “The request was accepted. Waiting for data.” I also tried pushing the “Run!” button after the “Run Once” button, but then I got the following:

10:27 PM The scenario was initialized.
10:27 PM The operation failed with an error. [401] Unauthenticated.
10:27 PM The scenario was finalized.

I’m on the Teams plan but still haven’t received a reply (troubleshooting by email is very inefficient!).

I’m unable to get the fields from the Google Forms Sheet to map to Mailerlite, and the instructions for this part of the scenario are missing.

Included screenshots of

Google Sheet showing all the columns I have, A-AI

my scenario showing fields only columns A-Z

Please help! It has been a week of trying to sort this out with customer support.

I did the instructions for this trigger no problem until I got to this part linked in my post. the Make app is installed in my Google Sheets

Hi there,

It is important to understand that the 401 unauthentication message is directly coming from MailerLite, so MailerLite is in a better position to determine why this message appears on your account.

Additionally, Make has two versions of MailerLite (Classic and New), so it is important to cross-verify that the MailerLite account you have is running on which version, and based on that, you are using the right MailerLite app here in Make.


I hope this at least points you in the right direction. :slight_smile: