Schedule at regular intervals excluding week-ends

Hello makers,
Is it possible to set run scenario with default option like “At regular intervals” “Every day” by excluding week-ends?

Here an example with Notion Watch Database Items module
Screenshot 2024-04-08 à 16.43.45

I feel like “Advanced scheduling” options are not made for that.

Hi Garry,

there is a selection menu in Advanced Scheduling that you can use to select which days you want the scenario to run on. So technically its not excluding weekends but include only weekdays so to speak :smiley:


Something like this perhaps?? You need to select “Days of the week” first.


@Stoyan_Vatov why not, but I don’t understand why we are able to add “Item” in Advanced Scheduling, what is it used for?
I feel like it’s going to have effect items that get in the scenario, I don’t know how it works

@samliew you’re right but sorry, let’s stay on “At regular intervals” scheduling option.

In that case Stoyan is correct.

“Item” here doesn’t refer to bundles or data. It basically just saying it’s an array of schedule options.

You can either do this (all the weekdays together as one schedule item)

or do it day by day (as multiple schedule items)


Thank you @samliew and @Stoyan_Vatov I set it up

@samliew I’m so grateful for you help every time. Could we give it back to you?