Scheduling Make Scenario with API

How can I schedule via Make API “when I scenario should start running” after I activated a scenario?

If you want to trigger the scenario via API I would recommend using the on-demand option and trigger the scenario via API. If you need to setup a custom scheduler you can check 0codekit - scheduler.

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What means “on-demand option”?


I see it now, Thanks - but its not fixing my issue

My scenario, set to run every 15 minutes at specific times (13, 28, 43, 58 minutes past the hour), faces a scheduling challenge when it’s turned off and on again. When reactivated, it doesn’t resume following the precise schedule of 13, 28, 43, 58 minutes past each hour. This issue arises because the scenario’s timer resets upon reactivation, causing it to lose alignment with my desired time slots.

You’ll have to get the current minute, then add a sleep module to wait out the (difference in) remaining seconds to continue turning the scenarios on.

The formula to get the number of seconds you need to wait is:

13 - ( current_minute mod interval ) X seconds_in_minute

{{ 13 - (formatDate(now; "m") % 15) * 60 }}

You might need a router - one path to immediately turn off if it’s currently on, and another path to wait out the remaining minutes to turn on the scenarios.

You might need more than one sleep module, as the max time you can sleep per module is 300 seconds.