Search for a keyword in the Search File/Folder module on Google Drive

Hello, I am retrieving an email in Gmail and I want to organize the attachment in a Google Drive folder. I am already renaming the file to take the name of the future folder in module 3. Then I search for the folder in Drive. If the name already exists, it places the document inside. Otherwise, it creates the folder in Drive and organizes the document. This part is working fine.

My problem is that I want it to search for keywords that are located in existing folders and not the complete name. For example, my document might be named [Guilaine], and I want it to search in the Drive folders if any folder contains the word [Guilaine]. This is not working. It’s showing the variable Name of the Google Drive as empty.

Thanks for your help …

Hi @Guil54

Please attempt to conduct a search using the name directly embedded in the module. If this approach proves successful, the problem could be related to the mapping variable. Kindly provide a loom with an explanation of the workflow to facilitate a more in-depth analysis.

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Hello thanks !

I do a video but excuse for my english …
I’d change the scenario and want too search in folders and subfolders