Search HTML for YouTube URLS

Hey there! I have a couple of questions but an answer to this will probably solve the other…

I want to be able use the URL of a web page from an AirTable record and search that page for any YouTube links, returning them in some kind of list or array.

I’m sure it has something to do with the HTML module and Regex but I still suck at Regex!

The second problem is basically the same but grabbing Paragraph text from the page.

Any ideas?

Hi @Stu_Smith

You would need to use the “HTML module” and “Text parser module” to get all the Youtube links.

First add a “HTTP module” to retrieve the data from the URL you retrieved from Airtable.

As a second step now add the “Text parser module” to retrieve all the links by setting the “Element type” of the “Text parser module” to “Link” and the “Html” field of the “Text parser module” to the data you received in your previous step.

This will return you all the links on the page.

Now you can simply filter on this, depending on the Youtube URL structure i.e whether you are using the “shortened” or “normal” Youtube URL

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Thanks! This was the conclusion I came to but need to put a little time into making it work within the scenario that I want it for. I’m sure I’ll get there though!