Search Record, Create new one if not found. Use Record ID for future Modules

Hi Community

I would like to create a scenario where I search for a record in hubspot, create one, of no record was found and use either ID in further modules. What is the best way to do this? I managed to do it with error handlers but think this could be done better.


Hey @ChrisBurger,

Although your question isn’t completely clear, I’m assuming you want to create a new hubspot record if no record.

Here’s a screenshot of how I built it:

After the first hubspot search module, using filter I routed:

  • if found then use the ID
  • If not found then create a new contact/deal whatever you want.

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Thanks for this. I wanted to just skip creating, if the record is found and not to replicate all steps with a router.
I tried it with an array aggregator but it did not work. I was not able to take either Record ID.