Search Within Sharepoint

Hello Comunity!

I’m trying to create a scenario to do the following. Our team is saving client-related documents to one main folder in SharePoint. All documents are starting with the client’s name. Then we need to move all the documents to the client’s specific folder.

So I’m trying to create a scenario to watch the main folder, once a document is saved, I’m extracting the client name with text parster and then I search for the client folder and move the item.

I’m currently facing the following three issues and I’m curious if someone could help me with this,

  1. If my client’s name includes an & symbol (example: G&C), the search action will not find the folder, probably because the query splits the word at the & symbol. How can I tell the search to consider G&C as one word?
  2. In some cases, the client’s name could be saved in a subfolder, is there an action item where I can search for all main and subfolders within SharePoint?
  3. If I have two clients with almost the same name (example: G&C, and G&C 1), the search action will find both folders, how can I tell the query to search for the exact match?

Thanks in advance for your help!