Sendgrid copy recipients array

I’m trying to send an email with the Sendgrid module.
I’m triggering the scenario with a semi-colon separated list of email addresses and want to add them to the Copy Recipient field as a mapped array. I’ve been getting an error about the Copy Recipient field. Help?

Hi @Parker_Smith,

Your array is not formated correctly for Sendgrid CC field. The easiest way to do this is using the array aggregator.

  1. Create your array using your split function like you did
  2. iterate that array with an iterator
  3. aggregate that array using an aggregator. Select the option “Target Structure Type” and then " Copy recipient". Map the email field using the output from the iterator
  4. add the array generated by your aggregator on the Sendgrid CC field

See screenshot below for more details





that worked :raised_hands:
thank you.
and now I know how to use iterators and aggregators.

but what do you call a crocodile detective? an investigator!

thanks again!

:smile: Ahhh, dad jokes, my favourite :crocodile:

Welcome to the community @Parker_Smith :wave:

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