SendinBlue ListID field not working when mapped

I am facing an issue with a Scenario that captures data from a Webhook and feeds it into a SendinBlue module.

When I use webhooks to capture the data and send it to SendinBlue, everything works except for the List ID, which produces the following error: “The operation failed with an error. listIds/0 should be type number (invalid_parameter).”

In the SendinBlue module, the “List ID” field is a multi-select, showing the email lists in my SendinBlue account. I only want to subscribe users to a single list. However, when I toggle “Map” and input the webhook data or manually fill in the field with a number, I receive an error.

I believe the error might be due to how the SendinBlue module is handling the data, rather than the data itself. Could you please help me investigate this issue?

Here is the input listed on the SendinBlue module:

Bundle 1Collection
1 5
Update enabled true

It seems to add a “1” before the List ID, but I’m unsure where it comes from or if it’s causing the error. This issue occurs even when not using webhook data.

Attached are two screenshots. One is with the list ID field mapped and one with it unmapped (I select the email list from the dropdown).

You can see the data appears to be the same in both instances but only works if the field is unmapped.

Thanks in advance for anyones help!


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It denotes that the data is an array i.e Multiple Lists can be there for given data. So, In sendblue since it is a multi-select i.e an array, you need to pass an array of number not a single number.

To do this, what you want to do is,

  1. Pass the List ID as an array while in map mode
  2. Or, If you want to pass a single data then you need to use formula to create an array, add(emptyarray;data)

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m not a developer so I’m not entirely sure how to build the formula you described. I do indeed just want to pass a single number.

My sendinblue listid is “5”.

What am I doing wrong? :man_facepalming:

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Sorry about the confusion, I setup SendInBlue to see what you needed to do.

Do something like this,

You can copy this formula and paste it in Lists, and, Instead of the hardcoded value 3, Use the one that you are getting from webhooks,

{{add(emptyarray; 3)}}


Thanks for looking into this for me. I really appreciate it.

I set it up as you demonstrated. When I use a number it works as intended.
When I use my webhook data it fails with the same error.

The webhooks output bundle looks like this
“sendinblue-listid”: “5”,

The form that sends data to the webhook looks like this:
<input class="hidden" type="number" name="sendinblue-listname" value="5">

Is there something I missing with the number itself?


Totally stumped here. It’s just a number, no extra spaces or characters.

Try, Parsing the ID as it seems it is being treated as a String instead of a Number.

Screenshot from 2023-03-30 23-10-16