Sending email from various options of senders within our organization

I have scenario that ends with sending an email to the customer from the assigned rep of this customer.

As of now I have created for each Rep - “Send an Email” module from the (Gmail app).
I do it because I understand that for each rep’s email I should connet its email.

Is there a way to use just one connction (admin connection or something like that) and than to change the from parametter with dynamic field?
By doing that I wish to have just one module with one connection and the only variable would be the from that will field by the reps email value.


You can either upgrade to the enterprise Make plan, which will grant you access to dynamic connections, or

You can use a router with routes to Send an Email modules using different connections, and appropriate filters set for each route.

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The send email module in Gmail does not have a From: field for one very good reason: then you could spoof outbound emails from emails outside of your domain name. The sender is ALWAYS based on the connection of the Gmail module.

If you have a limited numbers of From senders each with their own Gmail account what @samliew suggests with routers could work.

But if you want to send emails from an unlimited number of From addresses than using a service like Mailgun is a much better option. Also SendGrid works.

You can authenticate a domain name to send from and then you can dynamically map a From address in the send email. The email sending service is specifically setup to send on behalf of arbitrary From addresses.


@alex.newpath - appreciate your detailed response. If I have my domain gmail name - than by connecting him I can send dynamic emails from the same domain email on behalf (so the customer will see and get the email from the dynamic sender?)

No you can’t do that with gmail. You need to have your own domain name setup with any of these sending services like mailgun or sendgrid.