Sending emails from google sheets

I have created a scenario that from a google sheet list to send emails from gmail and want my chatgpt to respond to the people that respond back. Also would like to setup a followup campaign to the ones that didnt respond. What are the suggestion if any.

Hey @Henry_Howard - So you’ve likely got a few different scenarios in play here. You’ve got one for the initial outreach, then one that could perform the responses (depending on the content you’d like to go in them), and then one for follow-ups depending whether or not someone answered in the first place.

I guess my question to you is how can I help? Are you looking for help building those scenarios, are you looking for a high level flow of what those could look like? Just let me know how I can help and we can go from there!

The help I need is to have the scenarios laid out for me, in a format that I can follow. This will help me understand how to create the scenario. This is what I have so far: Integration Google Sheets, Gmail | Make