Sending multiple messages back to ManyChat

Hi, I am new to MAKE and managed to complete my first scenario. Although it works, it is still incomplete.

What it is supposed to do is to find facilities, such as schools, supermarkets or doctors within a radius from a location (via Google Maps API) and return names and addresses (‘vicinity’ in google maps) back to ManyChat.

Although I am able to pull a JSON from Google Maps that includes all data, let’s say the names and addresses of 3 supermarkets within the radius, I only managed to return the first instance to ManyChat.
Any help would be appreciated.

JSON output

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I have solved it by using an iterator. It will generate 3 separate messages, as per the scenario


Heya @Martijn_Hovinga :wave:

Fantastic work figuring this out on your own :muscle: And thanks so much for coming back into your thread and sharing your solution with the community. This could be incredibly helpful to someone facing the same challenge :raised_hands: