Sending multiple WhatsApp's from Bubble API

I have managed to setup my API from bubble receiving a list of 5 things. I then split the list items into separate bundles, set variables based on order, aggregate arrays and lastly send a message per array. Thanks to @D-EFFCON from this Q&A Solution

However I experience two different problems;

  1. with the multiple variables it creates 5 operations. If my list is only 2 items, the last three is empty.
  2. it is only sending the first array




Multiple Variables:

Array Aggregator:


Hi Deon,

Good detailed post with plenty of screenshots! We like to see that :slight_smile:

For your whatsapp setup, are you under “receiver” wanting to put the whole array of “sell” in there?

If so, you might be better of using a text aggregator, and mapping the aggregated string into the receiver field.

The reason you only get the first array is because currently in between the “[ ]”, it expects a number. So you’d put 1 to retrieve the first value, or 5 to retrieve the last value (in that example)


I would like to pass the output of each collection in the Array Aggregator to WhatsApp so I can send a message to each member with the corresponding data.

@D-EFFCON How do I pass both array collections specific items from the Array aggregator to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp should collect a specific collection item (sell) and complete the process then do it again for the second array collection item.

If you want to send each collection to Whatsapp I don’t think you need an array aggregator.

To your latest reply, maybe aggregate your aggregator (i.e put another aggregator after your current aggregator)


By adding an iterator did the trick. Funny I did try that earlier but then it didn’t work as expected.


Heya @Deon :wave:

Wow! I am impressed by the fact you were able to crack this with @D-EFFCON’s help. It is truly great to see Makers improve and get more proficient at using Make.:relieved:
Thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind and coming back here with additional information and solution.

Great job and keep it up! :sunflower: