Set Key For Items From Array When Parsing JSON

I have a simple JSON stringified array like ["https:\/\/", "https:\/\/", "https:\/\/"]. I’m parsing the array to JSON which gives me a set of bundles as the output.

Now I need to aggregate the bundles to JSON but I can’t reference the urls from my bundles in the Aggregate To JSON step, presumably because the items in my bundles don’t have keys.

So how can I assign a key to each bundle to create bundles like url: url1, url: url2, url: url3? I’d like to avoid iterating over the bundles just to assign keys to them, to avoid wasting operations.

These are the bundles that I’m working with -

Defining the data structure like this doesn’t have any effect, I still just get a set of bundles containing the urls no keys as the output of the parse JSON step -

Turns out setting the data structure like that does work, its just that the keys aren’t displayed in the module’s output, fun times.

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Iterating doesn’t waste operations, ONLY if you are aggregating immediately after.

For example, something like this only takes two operations:


Notice there are only two "1"s in the output bubbles, even though the input is an array of 5 items?


Thanks for letting me know!

Did you mean aren’t aggregating there?

No, you must aggregate otherwise the subsequent modules consume one operation per bundle (i.e.: 5 instead of 1)

Aggregating the bundles immediately only outputs a single bundle, so only one operation is used.

Aggregators are modules that accumulate multiple bundles into one single bundle. An example of a commonly-used aggregator module is the Array aggregator module.

Other types of aggregators include “Numeric aggregator”, “Text aggregator”, “Create CSV”, “Create Archive”, “Create JSON”, etc.

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