Set the Month date in my country

I saw several questions on the forum about this subject and the answers have not been satisfactory, I would like to persevere.

I would like to have the month of my dates in French. They are automatically in English like that :

:white_check_mark: my input format is text in NOTION :

format(formatDate(prop(“Date”), “MMMM Y”))

:white_check_mark: my country profile is France :

I dont understand because the automatic input in Make are in French:

Really it’s a mystery, I don’t understand and no one seems to have a real answer

Welcome to the Make community!

That’s because those are date type variables.

Because that is stored as text type, not a date type.

To convert text into date, use the built-in function parseDate.

Then to format a date, use the built-in function formatDate.

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It’s the same when I use parsedate and I have the input format as a date…
I’m crazy with this :sweat_smile:, I tried a lot of things…