SFTP server will not connect

I tried connecting to a sftp server in order to try out its functions (we are testing Make to see if it will fit within our business).
We have our own test sftp servers set up, no whitelisting of IP’s needed. The information I filled in is correct (you get a different error when it is not).
I get the following message and I cannot figure out what to do:

I love the way Make works, but if I cannot manage to do this, we cannot use Make.

I see this happens when a connection fails.

If this doesnt work then raise a ticket to Make support.

Dear Manish,

Thank you for your reply! Sadly I already viewed that page, but did not get anything new from it. I did try changing my browser, but that also did not help.

I also had sent a message to support. I hope they will be able to help.

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