SFTP with Encrypted Private Key

I’m currently setting up a scenario to watch an SFTP folder. I’m using User name and key as my auth type and have an encrypted private key.

My problem is I don’t know where to enter my passphrase when creating the connection. I receive an error message “Cannot parse privateKey: Encrypted OpenSSH private key detected, but no passphrase given”.

Does it need to be entered in one of the advanced settings parameters or is there another place to put it?

Hi @SeanHart12,

Not sure if it is possible to do so. Is it possible for you to generate the Private Key without inputting the passphrase, if you have access over the SFTP server then you can bypass the passphrase when generating the Keys.

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Hi @SeanHart12 , I have the same issue, did you figure it out? Thanks for your help.